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157 New Emojis to be Released June 5th

Nestled between written content and video in the social media universe, exists a strange group of figures called emojis.  These are small digital images used to express an idea or communicate a message playfully (or sarcastically) without using words. You’ve seen them. Happy face. Sad face. Today, 157 new emojis join the existing universe that you can already find on your computer and cell phone. While you may not use many — if any — in your business correspondence or ads, emojis can be a nice touch for social media contact with customers, such as with Twitter and Facebook posts.
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Confidential Mode Emails Are Here, For a “Limited Time”

Buzz Bear Media provides marketing & branding services to medium & large size premium clients on a global scale and as such we deal on occasion with confidential information. Shipping manifests. Price quotes. Fashion show and jewelry show exhibit lists. We understand and respect the needs of our high-end clients that such data should not reside in either of our email folders indefinitely. Sadly, this has required manual deletions as there is no specific date self-destruct option on a sent email (unless your client is Ethan Hunt with the IMF). That is until now. Gmail has rolled out a new
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