Social Media Up Globally by 13%— Are You on Board?

Imagine being in a “meet & greet” gathering where you could interact with every former, current and potential customer in the world — one at a time! That is the internet. More than 4 billion people are there. When a prospective customer asks us why he or she should be using social media to reach people on the internet, the answer is, because that’s where customers are searching for you!

Buzz Bear Media, though based in beautiful Vancouver, has a global presence, providing marketing, advertising and branding to a number of high-end businesses.

As such, we found the following data from new 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite quite interesting:

  • The global number of people using social media has grown by 13% in the past 12 months, with Central and Southern Asia regions recording the fastest gains (up 90% and 33% respectively).
  • Saudi Arabia has posted the fastest individual country growth rate across the 40 focus economies of the study at 32%, with India just behind at 31% annual growth in social media users.

The world has become a smaller place. That means your target market has grown beyond the reach of traditional media such as newspapers and local (or even national) broadcast advertising. This is not just our opinion. Simon Kemp, founder of Kepios, a marketing strategy consultancy, as well as the Global Consultant for We Are Social, opens that 2018 Global Digital survey with this message:

“With 4 billion people now online, we’re already seeing new digital behaviours emerge. Keyboards will be replaced by voice commands and cameras. Visual content will dominate social and messaging, and new technologies will offer richer digital experiences for people everywhere. To keep up, brands need to rethink their strategies, build new capabilities, and quickly adapt.”

That adaptation includes the realization that as a busy business owner, CEO, CFO, or stakeholder, you can’t devote the time to mount well researched, well organized social media campaigns to take advantage of these emerging technologies. But you can’t hide your head in the sand either; if you aren’t interacting with these customers, your competition surely is.

We are here to help you put the bite in your social media

In-house home-based marketing teams are a viable option for a local presence. But for the massive potential to spread your message across continents and untapped customer bases, you will need the expertise of a social media agency. An agency such as Buzz Bear Media. Our client list includes Top Tanzanite, a gemstone mined only in Tanzania, La Capitale Insurance & Financial Services in Quebec, Effy Jewelry in New York, and Analucia Beltran of Peru (and the world), among others.

We have an international team assembled of tech, graphic, content, and marketing savvy professionals poised to deliver your message to markets you once could only have dreamed of reaching. Now you can.

Almost 1 million people started using social media for the first time every day in 2017 — that’s equivalent to more than 11 new users every second.

The internet and your future customers await you. 2018 is your year.